GWEN'S SCHEDULE for: August/September 2018

Note:  Dr. Gwen is no longer recording her sessions.  Feel free to bring your own recording device to your appointment!



Scheduled there on Wednesday through Friday, in West Annapolis, MD./ 443-433-0462

Dr. Gwen can be found at Ridgely Retreat Holistic Spa Tuesday through Friday for all readings, Hypnosis and Past-Life Regressions. Please call them for appointments at: 443-433-0462




Dr. Gwen resumes her Ascension Classes starting in late September. Serious students interested in developing their spiritual gifts are welcome! Please watch this website for an updated schedule.

Please Pre-Register now at: 443-433-0462 or send an e-mail to info@ridgelyretreat.com!




Dr. Gwen still has some dates between now and December to schedule your reading parties. There are still some corporate slots open for Halloween and Holiday dates in December. Please call 443-203-0129 for possible dates open!


Dr. Gwen is available for private parties and corporate events. Please contact her privately at: 443-203-0129. Remember, Halloween is just around the corner!


Dr. MacGregor is also available for special events or just in-home parties with friends and family. She is known to be the life of every special event while presenting her Tea Leaf Readings or any of her intuitive services. Please call Dr. Gwen directly at her own business line (443-203-0129), to set up your special event. Some dates are still open for Reading Parties! Please call me directly at: 443-203-0129 to set up your special party. Group sessions are at a reduced rate from the usual reading session rate. Call very soon.



Dr. MacGregor is available as an Intuitive Advisor for your business.


Dr. Gwen offers Phone Reading Sessions as well.  Please call her directly to set-up a phone appointment at: 443-203-0129.  Ask Dr. Gwen about her Holiday Gift Certificates for Phone Sessions!


Dr. Gwen is now offering Phone Sessions through Ridgely Retreat Spa!!!! Please call the Spa during work hours to schedule and pay for your