GWEN'S SCHEDULE for: January/February 2015

Note:  Dr. Gwen is no longer recording her sessions.  Feel free to bring your own recording device to your appointment!



Look for Dr.Gwen to be available for appointments at Ridgely Retreat Spa in West Annapolis (443-433-0462) Tuesday through Friday.  Dr. Gwen is available for Intuitive, Palm or Tarot Sessions, Past-Life Regression and/or Therapeutic Hypnosis.  Tuesday and Friday hours are: 9am - Noon,  Wednesday/Thursday: 9-12 pm and 4-8 pm.  Ask about Dr. Gwen's 2015 month by month forecast in January featuring a half-hour channeled reading and then, a very special half-hour seated massage designed to let all the stress of 2014 GO!  Massage Therapist extraordinaire, Karen Forloines, is a pro at assisting you to lighten up!  Special Fee: $100!  What a deal!


"Ask the Psychic" workshop will be held on Tuesday evening, January 13th from 6:30 - 8:30 pm.  Fee - $35

Dr. MacGregor offers a question/answer symposium dedicated to answering your questions about all things spiritual!  She has the gift of reaching across the great divide of life and death so, many participants direct their queries to loved ones who have left this Earth plane.  Others find her channeled messages about events to come eye-opening and fascinating. Please pre-register at 443-433-0462, as space is limited.  Come with ready questions and your heart open, please!  Light refreshments available.


On February 10th, Dr. Gwen brings back her "You are a Goddess" Workshop."  This very empowering seminar is only taught once a year and is always a special treat.  Get ready to experience your inner soul revealed through interactive exercises, a tarot spread and group channeling. A Walk of Grace and, a special soul painting is experienced by ALL.  Please bring a beautiful scarf with you - one that is long enough to cover your face.  Photos may be taken.  Space is limited, so, please Pre-Register at: 443-433-0462.  Refreshments offered.  Hours: 6:30 - 8:30 pm. Class Fee: $40



Dr. MacGregor is available as an Intuitive Advisor for your business.


Dr. Gwen offers Phone Reading Sessions as well.  Please call her directly to set-up a phone appointment at: 443-203-0129.  Ask Dr. Gwen about her Holiday Gift Certificates for Phone Sessions!



As always, Dr. Gwen is available for Holiday Events and Reading Parties every weekend!  During the months of December and January special rates will be extended to reading parties of more than 12 people.  Call Dr. Gwen directly for more info at: 443-203-0129.  Reading party special rates do not apply to parties booked before November 1st.